Tunku Mona Riza

Founder. Executive Producer. Film Director

Packed in a petite frame, this powerful personality with a penchant for perfection dares to be different by bringing in unique elements and details that are far from the norm. Due to her burning desire to pursue her dream to become a reputable female film director, she left for New York Film Academy in 2004.

After graduating from New York Film Academy, TV Commercial Film Director Tunku Mona Riza decided to pursue the path of Producing and Directing Feature Films. With her strong sense of creativity and technical knowledge, she immediately earned her success with her second Television film “Parit Jawa”, widening the window of creativity for the Malaysian Film Industry. Parit Jawa Telemovie film took home Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Film awards in Malaysia. In addition to Parit Jawa, another movie made for tv titled “Luar Biasa” won in Malaysia and it represented Malaysia to compete with other telemovies from Asia in Asian Academy Creative Award.

Tunku Mona’s work is always based on detailed research materials and insights of true stories.

With every story she tells, she does not only create them through the lenses of film directing but also with her soul as though she is bringing life itself into her film.

This can be seen through her debut feature film, “Redha” which earned an outstanding 17 international and local awards, making “Redha” hold a record of the most awarded Malay language Malaysian Film in Malaysia.

Redha was also chosen as Malaysia’s contender at the 89th Academy Awards and 74th Golden Globe Awards.

With that, Tunku Mona Riza, a multiple international Award-Winning Film Director shows that EMPOWERING SIMPLE STORIES has become her cutting edge.


Tunku Mona’s experience in this industry goes back more than 20 years ago – from casting house to advertising agency producer at Naga DDB Needham to post-production at VHQ to production houses. As an Executive Producer at Yarra Films Malaysia, Tunku Mona’s duty was to market international directors from all over the world. She has worked with award winning world-class directors like the late Keith Rose from South Africa and Michael Warr for Shell’s multiple award winning TVC entitled “Warhead”. At Water Films Singapore, Tunku Mona worked with renowned directors like Sng Tong Beng and Tan Khiang, then she moved on to head Water Films Malaysia before CURRENT PICTURES was born.

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